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Tokyo based fashion label



PUGMENT was founded in 2014 by Karin Imafuku and Masahiro Otani both born in 1990 in Tokyo.

We extract the relationship between clothing and people/cities/societies/time, and create clothing based on this relationship. We take pictures of clothes that had fallen on the street, burn clothes to make pigments, quote pictures of runways published on the net, etc. and create collections by manipulating the surroundings of clothing and clothing.

In June 2017, at the announcement of “Spring2018”, we did the first runway for us at Tokyo artist run space “workstation”.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 Fall 2018 1XXX-2018-2XXX, KAYOKOYUKI, Utrecht, N id / n id a deux , Tokyo

2017 Spring 2018 -window installation-, Lamp harajuku , Tokyo

2017 Spring 2018, Workstation. , Tokyo

2016 IMAGE, CIY, Iwate

2015 Don’t forget that entities exist only for a change, CIY, Iwate

2014 The Right Clothing, grill gallery, Tokyo



Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 here and there’s garden, Chidoribunka, Osaka

2017 New Rube Goldberg Machine, Curated by Riku Iioka, KAYOKOYUKI, Komagome SOKO, Tokyo

2016 summer dream, Curated by Workstation., Workstation. , Tokyo

2015 Train Festival vol.5 -produced by Takashi Homma- Alternative Train, Curated by Takashi Homma, Art Area B1 , Osaka

2015 THE EXPOSED ♯09 Passing pictures, Curated by Riku Iioka, G/P + g3 gallery, Tokyo


Selected Performances

2018 here and there’s garden, feat. Teppei Kaneuji, Chidoribunka, Osaka

2017 IROHA, feat. Kenta Cobayashi, Unseen Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL

2015 Passing pictures action, feat. Arata Mino, G/P + g3 gallery, Tokyo



2018 1XXX-2018-2XXX, NEWFAVE, Tokyo

2018 PUGMENT HARUMI OBAMA FALL 2018, self published, Tokyo

2017 IROHA, self published, Tokyo

2017 Spring2018, self published, Tokyo

2014 MAGNETIC DRESS, self published, Tokyo


Selected Articles

2018 Interview with PUGMENT, by Makoto Kikuchi, Making- Love Club Vol.6

2018 近未来の防護服, by Yoshiko Kurata, i-D JAPAN ONLINE

2018 PUGMENT, by Nakako Hayashi, IMA 2018 Spring Vol.23

2018 21世紀をつくるニッポン人名鑑, by Kaori Shimura, AERA 18.2.5 No.5

2017 憧れにあう, by Emma Maede, She is

2017 二次元と三次元の実験, by Rika Hirota, SIGMAFAT

2017 对时尚行业与服装意义的一种态度, by Hitomi Oyama, Yunejian WeMedia

2016 林央子のWhat’s Art? 服で「?」を提起するPUGMENT, by Nakako Hayashi, GINZA 2016年11月号

2014 Interview to PUGMENT, by Nakako Hayashi, verita

2014 ホンマタカシとPUGMENT, by Nakako Hayashi, verita